After a year of Boot Camp classes at Fit4Lincoln, Ashleigh Watson figures to be brimming with confidence when she reports for Air Force basic training in San Antonio, Texas.

There is always a little apprehension about embarking on a whole new life, but the goal-oriented young lady can’t imagine better preparation than what she’s received from owner/trainer Matt Priess at Fit4Lincoln.

The career-driven recruit and former ROTC student at Lincoln Northeast High School is in good condition – physically and psychologically – for her next big step in life. It all starts in January, when she leaves for six months of training in San Antonio.

She will be leaving behind 35 pounds she lost through a regimented workout program at Fit4Lincoln. The lifestyle she’s experienced at the fitness center north of 33rd and A streets will serve her well when she begins her military career.

Encouragement from her mother, Becky Timm, led her to Fit4Lincoln, where she experienced the benefits of strength conditioning and changed some eating habits. Junk food was replaced by an emphasis on chicken, fish, and lots of fruits and veggies.

“I just gave up bad foods and started eating right,” she said.

Ashleigh said she’s since relaxed her eating habits a bit, but going to the gym on a regular basis is still a priority. The 2011 LNE graduate juggles her gym schedule with a daytime pet groomer’s job at PetSmart and a part-time after-hours position at a convenience store. She hopes to combine her passion for pets and interest in the military by becoming involved in the military’s K-9 unit.

Fit4Lincoln owner/trainer Matt Priess is proud of Ashleigh and the steps she’s taken to pursue her interests.

“I am really proud of Ashleigh and all her accomplishments,” he said.

“I’m a veteran myself, so being able to help young military recruits get into shape and prepared for boot camp is something I really take pride in,” he said.

“Ashleigh is a very hard worker and will make all of us proud in serving our country.” says Priess