Fit4Lincoln, located north of 33rd and A streets, has a “family-like” atmosphere. That’s why Kirk Wilke continues to work out at the gym that helped him lose 35 pounds. Family is where Wilke first learned about the gym, his wife had been going for a year before he decided to give it a shot.

“It was great for her so I said, ‘I might as well give it a try,’ ” Wilke said.

He hadn’t been into lifting seriously since the Columbus native lifted in high school in order to play football at Columbus Lakeview. When he began his journey at Fit4Lincoln, he set a goal to drop from 240 pounds to 205. Since the time when he met the goal he has maintained the weight loss, an accomplishment he is proud of.

Added energy a bonus

After he dropped the weight he began to feel healthy, and had more energy on a daily basis. Another added bonus is that the back pain he once had has subsided while he has gotten into shape. He was quite surprised to realize that all the energy spent in the gym created more natural energy for everyday life outside of the gym.

Wilke talked about his job in construction, “I have a lot more energy at work. It’s weird.”

Even after long days of physical labor at work, Wilke still comes back to the gym thanks to the friends he has created.

Owner comments
Fit4Lincoln owner Matt Priess said he appreciates Kirk because he “always comes in with a good attitude and makes friends easily here.”

“Kirk is super dedicated,” Priess added. “Even after a long day of physical labor at his construction job, he’ll make sure he comes in for his workout.

When Wilke is not lifting he is busy hanging out with family, hunting or watching his two sons play sports. The boys, ages 9 and 6, are currently enjoying flag football.

This proud father now has the energy to keep up with his growing boys thanks to Fit4Lincoln.