Maddie Thompson has discovered that looking good has never felt so good.

The results of seven-plus months at Fit4Lincoln are evident on her bathroom scale and in the mirror: She’s 25 pounds lighter and 20 inches slimmer.

The 22-year-old recent graduate of UNL was tired of carrying excess pounds and inches, but hadn’t found a fitness program that had worked.

That all changed in January when she and a friend decided to check out Fit4Lincoln, where trainer/gym owner Matt Priess introduced the women to a lifestyle change through the gym’s Fit Body Boot Camp. Both women bought into the structured conditioning program and changed their eating habits thanks to a phone app that tracks consumption.

“I cut out most breads and cheeses,” said Maddie. “I ate more grilled chicken and snacked on tuna.”

The combined conditioning-consumption combination paid immediate dividends. Maddie said the first 15 pounds came off initially, and with her eating habits becoming a way of life, another 10 pounds have been shed. Maddie’s friend has dropped 50 pounds.


Besides getting in shape and staying that way, both women also shared another common goal: They want to look great in their wedding dresses. Maddie is engaged to be married in September 2015; her friend is getting married this month.

“Cutting inches has really been great because I can actually see the results, and I’ve got more energy,” said Maddie.

She plans to stay on her conditioning course, at a new venue. She and her fiancée, U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Matthew Catterton, left Lincoln in late August for Yuma, Ariz., where Sgt. Catterton has been assigned. Maddie is looking forward to enrolling in classes on the military base there and continuing her healthy lifestyle.

‘She’s a trooper’

Priess said Maddie’s success story is a result of hard work and a belief in the life-changing program at Fit4Lincoln.

“Maddie is a trooper … she has been a hard worker since day one,” said Priess. “She did what I told her to do and got the results she wanted.”