About 10 years removed from her college volleyball days, Megan Johansen has rediscovered the team environment – and some of the same workouts from her college years – at Fit4Lincoln.

The Nebraska native and her four-year-old daughter moved from Florida last March, when she took a job as donor relations manager for CEDARS. Looking for something “stimulating and different” from the workouts she was doing on her own, she noticed a Groupon offer from Fit4Lincoln and decided to take owner-trainer Matt Priess up on his advertised offer.

Arriving for her first Fit Body Boot Camp group class, she was immediately reacquainted with some of the workouts she experienced during her years as a setter for her high school and college volleyball teams.

Nine months later, she’s settled into the activity level she enjoyed during her playing days, and she’s dropped a few pounds along the way. Best of all, daughter Melanie is allowed to bring a few toys and tag along to her mom’s 30-minute class — perfect for a single mom with a busy schedule.

“It’s really been a matter of becoming reacquainted with a workout routine rather than adjusting to one,” says the 31-year-old former athlete, whose road to a college volleyball scholarship at Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wound through Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa.

Some of the squats, lunges, and lower-body exercises she does today at Fit4Lincoln were part of the routine during her playing days at Arlington, where she graduated high school in 2002, and with her two college teams.

The teammate relationships she enjoyed during her playing days have been replaced by friendships with like-minded, health-conscious classmates at Fit4Lincoln. She likes the close-knit-family feeling she gets at the gym north of 33rd and A streets.

“Not everybody is at the same fitness level, but Matt does a good job of modifying things that fit your particular level,” Megan observed. And yes, it’s called a “Fit Body Boot Camp” fitness class, but don’t let the term fool you, she said. “You hear ‘boot camp’ and everyone has this picture of a drill sergeant yelling in your face,” she said, “but Matt has ways of making it enjoyable while still making it challenging.”

Members in Megan’s class have become Facebook friends. Their posts are filled with pride when they achieve a goal such as doing a “box jump.”