Melissa Wilke tried the treadmill. She tried Zumba. But the mother of two wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

Then she found the boot camp workouts at Fit4Lincoln, located north of 33rd and A streets.

“It’s a good combination of the cardio and strength-training,” Wilke said. The big key is that members continue to burn calories afterward.

Wilke lost 25 pounds of baby weight in three months thanks to Fit4Lincoln and a change in her eating habits. “Once you get into a good workout habit, it motivates you to eat healthier,” Wilke explained.

Healthy diet

She has cut back on snacking throughout the work day and strives to eat more whole foods. Losing that weight was a big confidence booster, she said. “That was a turning point in my life, getting that self-confidence back.”

Wilke attends Fit4Lincoln’s 30-minute sessions three to four times a week, and now her husband, Kirk, is coming, too. He’s lost nearly 30 pounds since January.

Fit4Lincoln owner Matt Priess shared that Melissa Wilke is an inspiration to the other members. “She’s a leader and knows what’s going on and how to do the workouts,” he said. “She helps motivate everybody to stick with it.”

Varied workouts

Workouts include running laps, jumping rope, using dumbbells, performing body weight exercises and more. Some of the exercises involve more than one muscle group at a time. “It’s high-intensity interval training,” Wilke said. “It’s a really good blend of workouts,” she added. “Matt keeps switching it up.”

“Starting out, it’s not intimidating for new people,” Wilke continued. “You can tailor it (the workout) to any level.”

After two years at Fit4Lincoln, Wilke remains motivated. One of the things that keeps her going is the membership, she said. Wilke joined a closed Facebook Community where Fit4Lincoln members share and receive information related to healthy living. “It builds the community and keeps you accountable,” Wilke said.