Five months ago, Tom Ernst came to Fit4Lincoln with the intent of trimming down and bulking up. Approaching his 50th birthday, he wanted to change his numbers – both on the bathroom scale and at the doctor’s office.

He needed some inspiration and didn’t mind the perspiration it would require to change his lifestyle.

He looked at the variety of class times, looked at his own schedule, and decided the 30-minute class beginning at 6 a.m. would be the best fit.

Five months later, Fit4Lincoln has proven to be a great fit for his busy lifestyle. The electrical engineer says five months of Boot Camp classes at Fit4Lincoln have helped him drop 30 pounds, two jean sizes, and one shirt size. He also likes what he sees in his blood-pressure readings as the middle-aged Lincolnite attempts to lower the likelihood of diabetes and other diseases associated with aging.

“I’d reached a point where I wanted to experience the benefits of being healthy and avoid the complications of aging,” he said. He appreciates the “practical, common-sense” approach at Fit4Lincoln and has used the trainers’ nutritional assistance to develop a healthier diet.