Corporate Wellness


Fit4lincoln will bring a fresh approach to promoting
wellness within your company.

Fit4Lincoln now offers Corporate Wellness Programs to companies in need of a healthier workplace environment. Having healthy employees can lower health insurance costs by an average of $3,540 per employee, per year! Our program puts a focuses on helping employees achieve healthy behaviors day in and day out.

Some of the many benefits from our Wellness Program include:
– Increased worker productivity
– Decreased sick time and absences
– Innovative and Motivational tools to help employees achieve health and fitness goals

Fit4Lincoln Corporate Wellness offers a program that makes it possible for all employees to participate – no one is excluded, not even remote employees. We perform Fitness assessments, strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular testing on your employees to create a fitness and health baseline. We use this to set goals and measure achievement. More importantly establishing a healthy way of life. Once employee goals are met, we reassess and set new goals; healthy living becomes a lifelong habit. 

We hear about it more and more in healthcare discussions.

Our Corporate Wellness program utilizes the invaluable expertise of our on-site Trainers to help your employees adopt healthier lifestyles. By researching countless perspectives regarding wellness and combining the most effective components, we’ve created a highly effective and affordable program to guide employees toward a healthier, and overall better quality of life. A happier, healthier employee makes for a better, more productive workplace.

 Fit4Lincoln offers employee rewards based on goal achievement. Employees earn incentives when goals are achieved, not just for participating in the program. Please contact us for more information regarding contracts, pricing, etc.

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