Success Stories


After a five-year hiatus, Jennie Linares returned four months ago to the gym where she’d had success in the past: Fit4Lincoln.

As a registered nurse who counsels patients about the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, she feels obligated to practice what she preaches. Five years ago, she liked the results she was seeing and was confident...Read More »


Brandon Kibbe always knew that effective weight loss was a combination of a regular exercise program and proper nutrition. But it wasn’t until he enrolled at the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp that it began to make sense. Cutting back on the carbs, he’s heeded the nutritional advice of his trainers.

Exercise has been a big...Read More »


Megan Stringer’s member profile reads like many you’ll find at Fit4Lincoln and North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp: She came for a trial, and is now in it for the long run.

The 30-year-old Lincoln mom of 2ó-year-old twins is among the latest members who are turning to owner Matt Priess’s two gyms and getting phenomenal results.

In...Read More »


Dramatic physical changes require life-changing decisions.

About a year ago, Jared Larkin was at a crossroads: Take steps to improve his health, or accept the consequences. A doctor’s office visit revealed his blood pressure was nearing a point where medications were in order, and signs suggested diabetes could be in his...Read More »


Fred Frost did not fit the description of the typical first-time visitor to the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp.

The 41-year-old Lincoln businessman wanted to lighten his load, but it wasn’t necessarily pounds he sought to shed: He wanted to reduce his work-related stress level.

He sought an outlet where he...Read More »


If you’re anything like Tierra Whitlow, the atmosphere and equipment of a new fitness center can be anything but inviting. Impersonal fitness centers hadn’t worked for her in the past, and workout videos were equally ineffective.

But when the busy mom decided to give Fit4Lincoln a try, the isolation she felt...Read More »


Five months ago, Tom Ernst came to Fit4Lincoln with the intent of trimming down and bulking up. Approaching his 50th birthday, he wanted to change his numbers – both on the bathroom scale and at the doctor’s office.

He needed some inspiration and didn’t mind the perspiration it would require to...Read More »


“I just thought I had to live with the pain,” she shared. That all changed when she met personal trainer and Fit4Lincoln owner Matt Priess. Priess guaranteed Keller that if she did the work she would see results, and she did. “He really wants to help people,” she...Read More »


Chris Walters didn’t need a fitness specialist to tell him he was out of shape.

He did, however, need one to help him get in shape.

When a simple walk began to drain his energy level, he knew it was time to take charge. Seeking to increase his core strength, decrease his...Read More »


Julie Kreikemeier had exercised on occasion at theUNL Campus Recreation Center, but her workouts just weren’t working out.

That was before she saw a Groupon to enroll in classes at Fit4Lincoln. She turned to a workout friend and said: “Let’s do this!’”

She looked at the six-week trial offer as an opportunity...Read More »


Deb Jones’ quest for a healthier lifestyle kicked into high gear with an abrupt wake-up call 2 ½ years ago: breast cancer.

It’s difficult to see an upside to breast cancer, but if there was one in my case, that was it,” says the 45-year-old Lincoln woman who’s since been declared...Read More »


Before Mike Whitmore started at Fit4Lincoln, he was smoking a pack and a half a day and could barely run across the street. Earlier this year, he finally became fed up with his unhealthy habits.

“I was going through a lot of things at the time, and I just needed to...Read More »


It began with an invitation to a pool party last summer.

Feeling confident in a swimsuit was motivation enough for Valincia Price to begin her weight-loss journey. Over the next 10 months, the 41-year-old mother of two would accomplish more on her journey than she could ever imagine.

Amidst the multitude of...Read More »


About 10 years removed from her college volleyball days, Megan Johansen has rediscovered the team environment – and some of the same workouts from her college years – at Fit4Lincoln.

The Nebraska native and her four-year-old daughter moved from Florida last March, when she took a job as donor relations manager...Read More »


Too busy to exercise?

Katie Murray thought so too, until she stepped on her bathroom scale and decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

Six months prior to her wedding, a Groupon good for classes at Fit4Lincoln was about to change her lifestyle and her appearance.

The decision

Katie works full time as...Read More »


After a year of Boot Camp classes at Fit4Lincoln, Ashleigh Watson figures to be brimming with confidence when she reports for Air Force basic training in San Antonio, Texas.

There is always a little apprehension about embarking on a whole new life, but the goal-oriented young lady can’t imagine better preparation...Read More »


Fit4Lincoln, located north of 33rd and A streets, has a “family-like” atmosphere. That’s why Kirk Wilke continues to work out at the gym that helped him lose 35 pounds. Family is where Wilke first learned about the gym, his wife had been going for a year before he decided to...Read More »


Maddie Thompson has discovered that looking good has never felt so good.

The results of seven-plus months at Fit4Lincoln are evident on her bathroom scale and in the mirror: She’s 25 pounds lighter and 20 inches slimmer.

The 22-year-old recent graduate of UNL was tired of carrying excess pounds and inches, but...Read More »


Melissa Wilke tried the treadmill. She tried Zumba. But the mother of two wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

Then she found the boot camp workouts at Fit4Lincoln, located north of 33rd and A streets.

“It’s a good combination of the cardio and strength-training,” Wilke said. The big key is that members...Read More »


Life changes led to weight changes and borderline obesity for Karleen Kustaborder of Lincoln.

Major losses in her life — her job, her marriage, and her father – created a pattern of overeating and inactivity. Taking the initiative to improve her conditioning was easy to put off, but a long look...Read More »


Simeon Bukacek had gone from 14 years of competitive swimming to 20 years of, by his own admission, “doing nothing.”

That’s a lot of inactivity for a guy who, at the age of 20, stopped exercising, started smoking and began to pile on the pounds. Thoughts of the sculpted, 150-pound frame...Read More »


There’s nothing magical about Lori Rennings’ physical transformation, but if you’re looking for a quick fix without the sacrifice, you would do well to look elsewhere.

A dedication to workouts and being cognizant of her consumption is a combination that’s paid dividends for the professional educator, whose 24-year teaching career in...Read More »


Amy Spears, a music professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University, is singing a much happier tune since she’s discovered Fit4Lincoln.

She always acknowledged the importance of exercise, and went through the motions during her years of running 5- and 10-kilometer races, but the experiences left her unfulfilled. Exercise seemed like work, and...Read More »


A year of toning, training and trimming at Fit4Lincoln has made Madelyne Dunn feel pretty good about herself.…

The 22-year-old Lincoln native is feeling better, looking better, and even sleeping better after 12 months of Fit Body Boot Camp sessions at Fit4Lincoln, 1359 S. 33rd St.

The 2011 Lincoln Pius X High...Read More »


A change in Loni Brown’s lifestyle has led to a change in her appearance.

In the last year or two, she’d lost her youthful figure. She says too many parties led to unwanted pounds and a lack of desire to do anything about it.

Frequently driving by the Fit4Lincoln center in her...Read More »


Angelia Onuoha was looking for a results-driven fitness center that offered a convenient location, an effective workout, a fun environment, and a class time that could accommodate her busy schedule. She found all of that — and more — at Fit4Lincoln, north of 33rd and A streets.

Starting the day with...Read More »


Kim Smith had read enough Fit@50 success stories in Star City Sports to know the fitness classes for ages 50 and
over could work for her. A future of enjoying her grandchildren was at stake.

“With four grandchildren (ages 2-13) and a fifth on the way, I wanted to get in...Read More »


Is it possible to have fun and exercise at the same time — especially when approaching age 50?

Members of Fit4Lincoln’s Fit@50 class answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

This group of exercisers ranging in age from 40-75 is achieving a goal of improving their health and fitness, while having fun...Read More »


Marie Hall completed the Lincoln Half-Marathon course on Sunday in a time of 2 hours, 25 minutes – an improvement over her first-ever half marathon time last year, and a commendable effort for a young mom who juggles helping raise two children under age 4 and a position as a...Read More »


Ryan Bernt was tired of being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle. At age 38 and weighing 241 pounds, he decided to join Fit4Lincoln and make a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

“My motivation was that I was overweight and unhealthy,” says Ryan, who had lost 51 pounds as of June 23....Read More »


Aisha Priess has been active all her life. She has always played sports and even played soccer at Nebraska Wesleyan University for four years.

At the end of her senior season as a Prairie Wolf, Priess was sidelined with stress fractures in both femurs. She couldn’t do any weight-bearing exercise for...Read More »


Yes, the classes offered at Fit4Lincoln and North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp are advertised as boot camp classes, but don’t let the label intimidate you.

Michelle Cox was a bit apprehensive when she entered Fit4Lincoln for the first time, but the welcoming, supportive atmosphere erased the stereotype attached to “boot...Read More »


Six months ago, Mary Nolde dropped desserts and started a daily regimen of early-morning workouts at the new North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp location in the Belmont Plaza, North 11th and Cornhusker Highway. She started rolling out of bed at 4:30 a.m., getting to the gym by 5, and...Read More »


Reading about how inactivity can lead to loss of muscle mass and decreased balance as we age, Deb Dickson became determined to do something about her own situation. Having retired last year after 30-plus years at a desk job and staring at a computer, she decided it was time to...Read More »


Hanna Malcom always associated fitness centers with an indifferent, “you’re-on-your-own” attitude. She felt awkward around unfamiliar fitness machines, and equally uneasy about having to ask for help.

But when she learned of Fit4Lincoln’s special introductory offer last January, she decided to start her new year with a new gym. She was...Read More »


In search of fun and fitness, college professor Jody Kellas had tried several fitness clubs, but none quite measured up … until she found the perfect fit at Fit4Lincoln.

A resident of the Woods Park neighborhood until recently, she found herself driving by the gym north of 33rd and A streets...Read More »


Pat Driver didn’t fit the new-member prototype at Fit4Lincoln.

Two years had lapsed between his epiphany, when a look in the mirror called for drastic action, and his first visit to the fitness center north of 33rd and A streets.

But when the winter chill made outdoor exercise uncomfortable, the 38-year-old Lincoln attorney decided in early 2016...Read More »


Kala Lococo found that working out 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day, three times a week at a fitness club didn’t give her the results she was looking for.

That all changed when she started going to Fit4Lincoln’s boot camp-style classes four to five times a week. The gym offers monthly memberships, and its mainstay...Read More »