Your Motivators


Matt Priess
Owner, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer/Class Instructor

Matt has proven himself time and time again in the face of overwhelming odds. Through 13 weeks of torment and stress he finally earned the title of United States Marine.

He Served Honorably from 2004 to 2008. He did a tour in Fallujah, Iraq. Upon return to the states Matt was very intrigued by Lincoln’s horrible obesity rates.

In his heart and soul he decided to pursue fitness to the fullest. In just a few months Matt became a Certified Personal Trainer and enrolled in the Health and Human Performance program at Union College to further his education. As a father, his priorities are his 2 beautiful baby girls as he strives to live a healthy lifestyle to raise his daughters and teach his clients, educating them on being healthier for themselves and their families.

Matt is Lincoln’s local fitness expert. He is actively featured on Channel 8’s Midday Forum, Channel 10/11’s Morning Report, as well as having a monthly fitness forum in the Star City Sports section of the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper.


Nichole Gardner
Regional Manage/Kids Fit Coordinator

Nichole has always struggled with her weight and self-image.  Finally, in August of 2014, she decided to give bootcamp a try.  Once she started, she found a gym where she was more than just a number and a face in the crowd.

She found a place where everyone cared about her successes and also helped her rebound from failures that happened.  It’s a home away from home, where you can achieve your goals with the help of the trainers and staff!
In August of 2015 she was brought on as assistant and has helped the business grow. She loves to see everyone with their successes and helping them get their questions answered. She truly enjoys being a part of such a great team and a gym that is truly geared towards seeing clients succeed and celebrating them. Once you are a part of the fit fam, you can’t leave!

Yusef Wade

General Manger/Certified Personal Trainer

Yusef has always been involved in sports throughout his life. Being a three sport athlete and excelling in basketball, track & field and football, he went onto further his athletic career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

After playing football for 4 years at UNL, Yusef then went on to coach varsity football at Lincoln North Start High School for three years immediately ensuing his college career.

Loving the team and fitness aspects of life he stumbled upon Fit4Lincoln where he quickly became apart of the family! Yusef truly loves seeing each and every individual excelling in all aspects of life especially overall fitness.

Knowing the importance of working hard each and every day, he drives energy and motivation. One of Yusef’s favorite motivational quote is –  “If you’re not getting better you’re only getting worse, always push yourself to be better”

James Dickerson

Certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer

James had never been able to sit still ever since he was a baby and quickly developed a passion for sports. He continued to play on many different teams and high levels across the board. This passion for sports and exercise continued to develop as he decided on an Exercise Science major for college by 6th grade!

James continued on to study exercise science at Union College with a minor in personal training. He became a certified personal trainer and also began to work with Husker student-athletes at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. James specializes in one on one olympic lifting technique and kinesiology. However, his passion for people and community setting led James to start coaching at F4L with his energy and passion radiating through to help inspire and motivate his clients.

James continues to have a passion for sports, playing ultimate frisbee, softball, football and basketball city leagues while also being the two time Student Athlete of the Year at Union College, yet he still enjoys the challenge of improving his heath both mentally and physically everyday.

Brook McCluskey

Certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer

Brook participated heavily in high school sports and has always had a competitive spirit when it comes to athletics. When she attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2014 she soon discovered a passion for exercise and nutrition. She now studies Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences as well as Dietetics and Business.

During her Freshman year, she started training in the weight room for her physical and mental health. She rapidly developed a passion for weight lifting and began competing in powerlifting competitions in May of 2016. She currently holds three Nebraska USAPL powerlifting records in her weight class. She is also a powerlifting coach for the Nebraska Barbell Club at UNL.

Brook is an ACE Certified Personal trainer and is devoted to helping others in and out of the gym. She specializes in weight lifting techniques such as supersets, compound sets, and periodization systems for optimal muscle and strength building. Working out, staying fit, and eating healthy are huge parts of Brook’s life and she is always eager to answer questions clients have about such topics. Brook’s motto is that, “with persistence and patience, anyone can turn their limitations of today into the strengths of tomorrow. Each day is a new day to be a better YOU.”